Automation and control

As the largest distributor of automation and control products in Quebec, Lumen offers products from several recognized suppliers. Among others, we have exclusive distribution rights with Rockwell Automation in Quebec, the largest corporation in the world entirely dedicated to industrial automation. Given the trend for " The Connected Enterprise " and the importance of data collection for industrial processes, we also work with partners such as Panduit and Cisco to provide solutions using cutting-edge technological innovations.


Lumen gives you access to its solid team of automation experts available across the province. Our two teams includes experts dedicated solely to manufacturing industries and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). We are the only distributor in Quebec offering personalized support in these two fields each requiring distinct expertise.


Our distribution center, our extensive network of branches, our emergency services, specialists and vast worldwide network make us the industry reference. Our logistics capabilities allow us to deliver next day across the province. 


Contact us for details. It will be our pleasure to assist you in developing your corporate projects. Below are some of the automation fields on which we built our reputation:


  • Machine Safety
  • Control
  • Motor Control Center
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Process Control Systems
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Information Software
  • Instrumentation


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