Opera radiant heaters work in two simple steps:

  1. Thermostat triggers heating
  2. Radiant heat creates a comforting and warm bubble around the heater

The heater creates at the same time a warm and even convection heat movement across the room. You can also install this heater anywhere in the room!

Perfect for:

  • People who are cold sensitive
  • Rooms with a high ceiling
  • Rooms with big windows
  • Sunrooms

Heats with:

  • Convection: heat is silently directed towards the center of the room to create a uniform and constant air movement
  • Rayonnant : radiant heat feels like warm sun rays on your skin or similar to the feeling you get from a fireplace. It also creates a warm bubble of about 6 feets surrounding the heater

Heating element:

  • Ribbed-high-emisivity monoblock element made of aluminum alloy
  • Heat is emitted in front of the heater while the back remains a lot cooler to reduce heatloss on the wall


  • Built-in electronic thermostat with 5 settings (Comfort, Economy, Frost-Protection, Program and Absence Detection)
  • Entirely programmable (3 preset schedules and 3 customisable schedules)
  • Consumption indicator
  • Energy saving functions and absence detector
  • Open window detection
  • Lockable controls


  • Convection heat is released through the openings at the top of the heater and the heat flow is optimised by the 45° angle on top
  • The heater’s perforated front panel allows radiant heat to be released quickly into the room while protecting the element


Three heights (12, 17 and 46 inches), 240V.


  • New product of the year «Electrical appliances for residential and commercial use», MCEE 2015
  • Special mention in the category «Innovative technologies and products in housing», Contech 2014
  • With distinction by the jury in the category «Energy efficiency for housing products», Contech 2014