Worldwide Network

Founded in 1969 by Henri Coisne, Sonepar Group rapidly grew with the constant support of its family shareholders in organizing and structuring its electrical equipment distribution activities. Achieving a European-wide presence in 1982, Sonepar continued to increase its international footprint through targeted acquisitions. The integration of substantial Hagemeyer assets in 2008 reinforced the company’s reach on a global scale.


The Group is now a key player in a €251 billion global market with strong development potential emanating from a growing number of applications for electrical equipment, fast-changing product technologies, and the need for new services. We build our development by striking a delicate balance between local initiative and global action.


In short, Sonepar Group represented in 2017:

  • €21,6 billion of sales performance
  • The world's number one B-to-B distributor of electrical products and related solutions
  • 44 countries on 5 continents
  • 239 entities
  • 2,800 branches
  • 44,500 associates


Sonepar’s business involves seeking out manufacturers and identifying and selecting the electrical equipment and technical solutions best suited to market requirements and then making them available to its own customers - electricity professionals -  in the right place, at the right time and at the right price. Our logistics expertise, which serves a dense distribution network, ensures efficient, reliable and rapid distribution of high-quality products.

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