Wall switch 8-button light almond

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LMSW-100 Series Wall Switches are low voltage devices for energy-saving manual on/off control of one or more loads from one or more locations. They are part of a Digital Lighting Management (DLM) system and can control any load(s) connected to DLM room controllers. Hidden configuration button for easy access to Push n’ Learn. Digital Lighting Managment components plug together on free-topology Category 5e DLM local network. Infrared (IR) transceiver for wireless configuration and control. Sleek single gang devices fit decorator wall plates; 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, and 8-button models. Each button can control individual or multiple loads, or one scene; LED indicates status. Each switch button can be used to dim the load. Switches may be used for multi-way control. Six color options and custom engraving options; standard buttons may be replaced in the field. The product meets the materials restrictions of RoHS. BAA/TAA-compliant models available.


1 - Unit 10 - Box 40 - Crate