SONECABLE 4/0 STAGELIGHT BLK LL Portable Cord 405 A, 600 V, Black Jacket

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Carol® Stage lighting cable, Type SC/PPC, Series: 01101, 600 VAC, 405 A, 1 Conductor, fully annealed bare stranded copper conductor, 4/0 AWG conductor, 0.765 in outside diameter 2062x30 Strands, Super Vu-Tron® Insulation, Super Vu-Tron®, Black, -50 to 105 Degrees C. PORT PWR SYSs - Entertainment industry activities such as theater, television, night clubs, motion pictures, mobile COMM vans, spotlights and sound SYSs - Other similar applications that would require temporary PWR.


1 - Unit R305 - Unit