SONECABLE 16 2PR INST SH AA 300V Instrumentation Cable 2 Pair Conductors Stranded Gray

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Manufacturer #:16 2PR INST SH AA 300V


Instrumentation cable with 7 strand concentric, class B bare or tinned copper wire. Two or three conductors are twisted together to form a pair or triad. The individually shielded pairs and triads have a finished lay of 51 mm. Unshielded pairs and triads have staggered lays to prevent electromagnetic interference and cross talk. When specified, pairs and triads are shielded with 100% coverage aluminium/polyester tape and a seven strand tinned copper drain wire is used. The shielding tape is designed to provide total shield isolation from all other shields.


Brand Name Approved Vendor Item Name Instrumentation Cable
Type Round, Shielded, Armoured Number of Conductors 2 Pair
Stranded/Solid Stranded Jacket Color Gray
Voltage Rating 0.3 kV Number of Strands 7
Outside Diameter 12.5 mm Insulation Material Silicone Rubber
Jacket Material PVC Standards HL Rated


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