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Manufacturier :ACUITY/LITHONIA
# Manufacturier:T254L-3K-N-WH


The Cylindra™ 18W/19W LED approximates the light output and distribution of 75W PAR30 halogen lamps, utilizing approximately 1/4 of the energy and having a rated life of 50,000 hours. Available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K color temperatures with a minimum 80 CRI. Optional high CRI versions are available in 2700K or 3000K with a minimum 90 CRI and R9 greater than 50. There are also Enhanced Spectrum versions to bring out color depth in retail goods, artwork, etc. The contemporary styling of the Cylindra LED enables it to subtly enhance practically any decor without diverting attention from the surrounding environment. Soft curved surfaces combine with clean, crisp edges to provide a uniquely attractive aesthetic. Cylindra’s integral, bayonet-mounted accessory holder accommodates up to two accessories if desired. Die cast aluminum housing provides outstanding thermal management of LED, yielding 70% average lumen maintenance at 50,000 hours of operation. Fashionable, elegant design complements any decor. Available in white, black and silver painted finishes.


Marque Juno Lighting UPC 661209348753


1 - Unité 4 - Boîte 24 - Palette
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