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# Manufacturier:1 3C TECK ALUM 1KV


NUAL® Brand TECK90 Cable is a rugged, durable AA-8030 aluminum alloy cable used extensively in demanding applications such as hazardous locations, direct burial, and industrial applications. The excellent inherent properties of the materials and construction of TECK90 cable ensure reliable service, even when exposed to environmentally harsh conditions, hazardous locations and abuse. NUAL Brand TECK90 is a flexible, interlocked aluminum armored cable having an inner PVC jacket over insulated NUAL Brand RW90 conductors as well as an outer PVC jacket over the armor with lead free SR acid flame check. TECK90 cable is available as a single conductor 1000 volt construction in sizes 250 to 1000 kcmil (127 to 507 mm²) with the bonding conductor applied concentrically around the phase conductor. Multi-conductor constructions are available in a 1000 volt rating in sizes 6 AWG to 750 kcmil (13.3 to 380 mm²) with a bonding conductor. TECK90 cables are filled to round using non-hygroscopic filler ensuring uniform concentricity which eases pulling. TECK90 PVC jackets have meter markings which greatly ease measuring and cutting lengths prior to shipping from the manufacturing facility, the accuracy of the markings is verified with gauges calibrated to international standards. NUAL Brand TECK90 is CSA-approved for open and concealed wiring, direct burial and for use in Class 1, Zone 1 and 2, and Classes 2 and 3, Division 1 and 2 hazardous locations. NUAL Brand TECK90 cables meet or exceed the following standards: CSA C22.2 No. 131 (TECK), CSA C22.2 No. 174 (Hazardous Locations), FT4-Rated; vertical cable-tray test. NUAL Brand TECK90 cables are intended for use in hazardous locations, direct burial, and industrial applications.


Marque Approved Vendor Nom de l'item Câble TECK90
Type Contrôle et puissance Dimensions de câble 1 AWG
Nombre de conducteur 3 Torroné et solide Échoué
Matériel du conducteur Cuivre nu Matériaux de l'armure Aluminium emboîté
Couleur de l'enveloppe Noir Tension nominale 1 kV
Diamètre extérieur 1,54 pouces Matériel d'isolation Polyéthylène réticulé
Épaisseur de l'isolant 0,08 pouces Matériaux de l'enveloppe PVC
Ampérage nominales 145 A Poids aux 1000 pieds 1593 lb
Température nominale -40 à 90 ° C Normes CSA C22.2 No 131 et No 174, CSA FT1 et FT4 Indice d'inflammabilité
Application Pour le câblage exposé et dissimulé dans des endroits secs, humides ou mouillés, l'enfouissement direct dans le sol


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