SONECABLE 12(37) TEFZEL BLACK 12AWG 37BRIN TEFZEL 600VV 150C 22759/16 WC-27500

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Manufacturier :SONECABLE
# Manufacturier:12(37) TEFZEL BLACK


Stranded wire in the aerospace and military technology and in other applications, where a reduced weight, reduced diameters and a high flexibility are required. Conductor 7-strands respectively 19-strands (AWG 12 37-strands), tinned copper Insulation cross-linked Tefzel ETFE. The stranded wires have an excellent resistance to chemicals, oil and gasoline. The behaviour against environmental influences such as ozone, UV radiation, humidity and high temperature fluctuations is excellent. The stranded wires are non-flammable and environmentally neutral.


Marque Approved Vendor Nom de l'item Fil de presse
Dimensions de câble 12 AWG Torroné et solide Échoué
Brins 37 Matériel du conducteur Cuivre en boîte
Couleur Noir Tension nominale 600 V
Matériel d'isolation ETFE Température nominale 0 à 150 ° C


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