PROSOFT C60M40-40-080 80FT LMR 600 N Plug Nplug

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RadioLinx® LMR® 600 Cable is flexible with a 1-1/2 inch minimum bend radius, LMR® 600 cable can be easily routed into and through tight spaces without kinking. Low loss LMR® 600 has the lowest loss of any 1/2 inch superflex cable. This is achieved through the use of a high velocity gas-injected closed cell foam dielectric and bonded aluminium tape outer conductor. Weatherproof the UV protected black polyethylene jacket makes the cable rugged and resistant to the full range of outdoor environments. RF shielding bonded aluminium tape outer conductor is overlapped to provide 100% coverage, resulting in 90 dB RF shielding (180 dB crosstalk) and excellent interference immunity (ingress and egress). Phase stability intimately bonded structure and foam dielectric of LMR® cables provide excellent phase stability over temperature and with bending. The high velocity dielectric results in superior phase stability as compared with solid and air-spaced dielectric cables. Provide the lowest attenuation and are pre-cut and assembled with connectors at the factory to ensure ultimate reliability. Ideal for antenna feed runs greater than one-hundred feet.


Marque ProSoft Technology Nom de l'item Câble d'extension
Tension nominale 4000 VDC Matériel du conducteur Aluminium
Longueur 80 pi Matériaux de l'enveloppe Polyéthylène
Couleur de l'enveloppe Noir Rayon de courbure 1-1/2 po
Série / Modèle LMR-600 Atténuation 3,9 dB/100 ft à 900 MHz, 6,8 dB/100 ft à 2450 MHz, 10,8 dB/100 ft à 5800 MHz
Raccordement des bornes Fiche N Température nominale -40 à 185 ° F
Application Pour l'alimentation des antennes


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