LAPP 4151101 2AWG H07V2-K AWN CSA 105C 600V FT1 NOIR

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Manufacturier :LAPP
# Manufacturier:4151101


Multi-Standard Black Single Core Cable with 1 x 35, ring, 450 or 750 V, PVC, HAR-certified, UL listed, fixed installation. UL/CSA certification according to technical data enables the product to be used in the North American market. Product with multiple certifications enables universal use and reduces the variety of parts, thus guaranteeing logistics savings. Improved core insulation allows conductor temperatures of up to +90°C and therefore a wide range of applications. Classified fire behavior according to EU Directive 305/2011 (BauPVO/CPR) with article number selection on the LAPP website. Operating voltage of 1000 V according to UL, permitted for North America. Different core insulation colors available. Available as a ring or in a large, disposable cardboard box. Large cardboard boxes are available depending on the color and cross-section and generally only up to 6 mm² conductor cross-section.


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