Wireless lighting control reduces installation time and risk

Skilled labor shortages and compressed project timelines are tough on busy contractors. Vive Wireless can help.

  • Do More with Less – Wireless lighting control installs up to 70% faster compared to wired solutions. Use the Lutron QuEst-D tool to quickly see how wireless saves you time and money – potential savings are displayed in an easy-to-read format to help you and your customers make the best decision.
  • Retrofits made easy – Wireless solutions mean you won’t have to pull additional wires or open up walls, and the new Vive 347V dimming module with 0-10V control expands retrofit opportunities.
  • Overcome the Unexpected – Change is inevitable, but with Vive it’s easy to add controls at any time and system adjustments take just minutes using the convenient app or push-button programming.
  • Touch-Free and Personal – Wireless occupancy and daylight sensors, and convenient Pico personal controls help meet the growing need for low-touch solutions.

Expand your opportunities and finish current jobs faster. For more information on Vive Wireless solutions, visit www.lutron.vive or contact us now!