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lumen lighting
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Create healthier, more welcoming environments, but also ready for future demands with Lumen lighting products. Our lighting products include cutting-edge technologies for superior customization, flexibility, and increased energy efficiency. Our range of lighting products features Wi-Fi compatible options, adjustable in color temperature, brightness adjustable, and voltage detecting in many essential categories. Whether it's for recessed lights, fixtures, lamps, dimmers, panels, we guarantee a vast inventory of lighting products.

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Smart Lighting Solutions for Every Space

Starting from basic residential solutions and extending to complex commercial setups, we supply innovative lighting control products, available in both wired and wireless formats, including touch-free options. Whether used standalone or as components of a comprehensive system, our offerings range from plug-ins to switches and sensors, all equipped with advanced technology to ensure the high level of accuracy and reliability essential for your forthcoming tasks.

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Many of our products are multi-selectable meaning you can replace a dozen SKUs using a single product. With over 20,000 lighting fixtures in stock, we partner with our trusted suppliers to deliver smart and eco-friendly LED lighting solutions. From indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures to lamps, controls and replacement parts, everything we have available can be easily accessed through our comprehensive ecommerce website, mobile app or in one of our 40 branches across Canada.  

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Which lighting solution is right for your next project? From value engineering to energy consumption estimates and support with government rebates, our experienced Lighting Specialists help design and procure lighting solutions for projects at every step. With access to a wide selection of in-stock inventory, they bring more choice, higher quality and competitive prices to our customers.

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