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RVE: DCC Charge Controllers & SMP Smart Panels

RVE is a leading provider in the field of electric vehicle charging solutions. The products offered by RVE are the only ones that allow the installation of charging stations in all residential buildings, regardless of the context. RVE's energy management systems provide innovative solutions to optimize energy usage and reduce carbon footprint. RVE's energy management systems are designed to meet all your specific needs.

RVE charge controllers for single family homes

RVE DCC Charge Controllers for Single-Family Homes

RVE's DCCs are specially designed for single-family homes. These devices allow for monitoring and regulating the charging of solar energy storage batteries, ensuring optimal utilization of the generated electricity. RVE charge controllers for single-family homes offer advanced features such as demand energy management, grid power optimization, and overload protection. With RVE charge controllers for single-family homes, you can make the most of your solar system and effectively reduce your dependence on traditional energy sources.

RVE charge controllers for multi-residential units

RVE DCC Charge Controllers for Multi-Residential Buildings

For multi-residential buildings, RVE offers DCCs specifically designed to meet the complex energy needs of these structures. These high-capacity DCCs can manage the charging of multiple connected solar and wind systems, ensuring equitable distribution of the generated energy among different units. RVE's DCCs for multi-residential buildings come with advanced functionalities such as real-time monitoring of energy production and consumption, variable electricity tariff management, and communication with smart grids. With these features, owners of multi-residential buildings can optimize the use of renewable energy and reduce energy costs for their tenants.


RVE SMP Smart Panels for Multi-Residential Buildings

In addition to DCCs, RVE also provides SMPs (Smart Monitoring Panels) for multi-residential buildings. These smart panels enable detailed monitoring of energy consumption in each unit, providing valuable data to optimize the overall energy efficiency of the building. RVE's SMPs are equipped with advanced sensors that measure electricity, gas, and water consumption, delivering real-time information on the energy performance of each individual unit. Building managers can use this data to identify areas for improvement, implement energy-saving programs, and promote responsible energy use among residents. With RVE's SMPs, multi-residential buildings can achieve significant energy savings and create a more sustainable environment for their occupants.

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