Lumen Head Office
Who we are
Our mission
Our mission is to make life easier for our customers and to meet the industry's most rigorous standards by offering our services, expertise and products.
Our vision
Our vision is to be on the leading-edge and remain the benchmark in our fields of activity.
Our history
Team hands all togeter
Our commitment

We are the leading distributor of electric and automation material in Quebec. Our products and services are designed for the following sectors: commercial, residential, industrial, OEM, institutional, municipal and mining.

Our team’s priority is to meet the highest expectations of our clients who operate in every sector of the industry. 

Our values
Customers value
Customers are our lifeblood
Future value
Sustainable development rather than short-lived growth
The reference value
“La Référence”

The benchmark standard, the success story

Passion value

The power of commitment

People value

The key to development

Profitability value
The way to autonomy and independence
Respect value

Between collaborators, managers, suppliers as well as internal and external customers

synergy value

Don’t reinvent the wheel-learn from each other