Since 2003 FLIR has been the leading provider of Elevated Body Temperature solutions, trusted by health agencies, governments and some of the best-known companies worldwide to support their need to partner with the most reliable and experienced provider of this type of equipment.

Fits Your Needs

Simple tripod mounted or integration capable.

  • IR Thermometer option
  • “All in one” handheld options
  • Simple to integrate fixed systems
  • Multiple resolution and lens options
  • Solution for any budget
  • Reference Free and external reference capable A400 & A700

Measure the Right Way

Find out how to screen for elevated body temperature

  • Worldwide network of IR technology experts available to answer your questions
  • Access FLIR’s library of support resources on the proper way to perform EBT

EBT Application Leadership

FLIR leads the way on screening for elevated body temperature

  • Over 50 years building infrared cameras for temperature measurement
  • Global reach with local sales and service organization in most regions
  • Multi-language software and documentation
  • Unrivalled production capacity to support your needs

4 Things to Consider When Selecting an Ebt Camera

  • Trust in the Leader – For decades FLIR has been synonymous with infrared and have been involved with EBT since the SARS pandemic in 2003.
  • Ease of Integration – Do you need a basic non-contact thermometer or a simple manned system on a tripod? Do you need a system that integrates with your Video Management System (VMS) or your Access Control System? Whatever your needs, FLIR systems has the right product that is accurate without needing an external blackbody temperature reference.
  • FLIR “Screening Mode” – FLIR Screening Mode results in fewer false positives and fewer false negative than temperature screening protocols that alarm above a set temperature threshold. This feature is found on our Exx and T series handhelds as well as the A400 and A700 Smart Sensors
  • Canadian Service and Support – our service organization in Burlington, Ontario combined with FLIR sales managers and agents across the country provide unparalleled service and support in the industry.

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IR200Single Spot Temperature Sensor for Forehead temperature measurement
FLIR E53FLIR E53 Advanced Thermal Camera w/MSX 240x180 Resolution/30Hz w/24° Lens
FLIR E75FLIR E75 Advanced Thermal Camera w/MSX 320x240 Resolution/30Hz w/24° Lens
FLIR E85FLIR E85 Advanced Thermal Camera w/MSX 384x288 Resolution/30Hz w/24° Lens
FLIR E95FLIR E95 Advanced Thermal Camera w/MSX 464x348 Resolution/30Hz w/24° Lens
FLIR T530FLIR T530 w/24° Lens, 320x240, -20°C to 650°C and FLIR Thermal Studio
FLIR T540FLIR T540 w/24° Lens, 320x240, -20°C to 650°C and FLIR Thermal Studio