Finally, an easy way to detect, locate and analyze partial discharge in one tool.

Are you spending too much time locating partial discharge?  It’s an invisible threat, that you can now see.

The ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager from Fluke has been engineered to locate Partial Discharge, Corona Discharge as well as gas and vacuum leaks. The ii910 is groundbreaking technology that is cost efficient, safe and, simple and comfortable to use. If you are ready to spend more time fixing the problem than finding it the ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager is the right tool for you.

Research has shown an average plant that has not been well maintained can waste up to 30% of its total compressed air production capacity through leaks. This can cause a devastating amount of downtime or a needless investment in additional equipment. You can avoid this downtime or equipment failure by using the ii910 to scan your facility for leaks and fixing them where necessary.

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