Better safe than sorry – according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, water damage has become the leading cause of home insurance claims in over 10 years. Houses are usually equipped with a smoke detector, often with an alarm system, but how can you protect yourself from water leaks? A smart water leak detector and sensor is the simple solution. In addition, insurances generally offer a discount after its installation!

4 easy steps to avoid water damage:

  1. Place water leak detectors in high-risk areas (washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, etc.)
  2. As soon as a water leak occurs, your detector alerts the control unit.
  3. In less than a second, the control unit closes the electric valve installed on the pipe.
  4. You are notified of the time and location of the water leak which is now secure.

At Lumen, we offer the Nowa 360 water leak detector, including 5 sensors, an electric valve and a control panel. You install the mobile application and the control unit, and the sensors are already paired with it. The sensors are equipped with a battery that must be replaced every 10 years, which requires very little maintenance.

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