Home automation is a solution gaining a lot of popularity. The idea of a smart home is exciting - think for example about when the TV remote control was invented. Technology continues to simplify our lives and improves its quality.

Think about when you wake up in the morning and decide to open the blinds manually. The cords get tangled, the blind wand comes off. With automated shades, you no longer have to go from window to window, one by one. Just relax comfortably and let the system do the work. They can be closed and opened with the touch of a finger, which makes it much easier for very tall and hard-to-reach windows.

We offer custom-made Lutron automated shades, tailored to the dimensions of your windows and adapted to the decor of your home. Several models and colors are available such as rollers, curtains and wooden blinds and can be controlled with a Pico controller or a mobile app available on smart phones and tablets. It’s even possible to get battery-powered shades, up to 12 feet by 12 feet!

Lutron offers 3 different systems that can meet your needs: Caséta, RA2 Select and Radio RA2, which can also control your lighting, thermostat and audio. All three systems are compatible with Apple HomeKit, Sonos, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Siri and Nest.

For more information about the Lutron systems offered at Lumen, click here to consult our Smart Home Practical Guide or contact us now!