A townhouse complex recently built on Edouard-Laberge Street in Mercier, QC offered a challenge similar to that of any building project in a busy subdivision: ensuring that installation of services doesn’t interrupt traffic and require several days of detours. The electrical services for these townhouses needed to be connected on the opposite side of the main street leading into the subdivision. As a result of this, creating traffic diversions and digging a trench for the cables would be expensive and time consuming.

Instead of digging a trench for two lines of cable, the engineer with Hydro Quebec opted to use SceptaCon, a trenchless, PVC raceway for electrical and telecommunication cables. Contractors often use conduit made of highdensity polyethylene (HDPE), but there were concerns that the HDPE product would not maintain its shape over time. SceptaCon is made from Schedule 40 Rigid PVC for strength and durability and was therefore the product of choice.

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