TRANSFAB KDRH2H Reactor line open HZ 75HP 100A 480V

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Manufacturer #:KDRH2H


Line reactor. 5% high impedance. 96 A NEC. CB term type. Open-type. Protects sensitive equipment. The addition of a KDR reactor will reduce harmonic content, which reduces the total RMS current, thereby improving the total power factor. Helps to prevent drive component damage. Provides maximum harmonic mitigation without adding capacitance. Further improving true power factor. Adding impedance to drives without DC link chokes/reactors when more impedance is desired due to a relatively stiff source. Used for oil and gas pumps, irrigation fields, farms, water, wastewater, HVAC, steel industry, pulp/paper, machining and extruders.


Brand Name Eaton Dimensions 10.6172centimetreX10.1600centimetreX95.2500millimetre
UPC 621037092297


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