Kraftform Kompakt Electrician Maintenance Driver Kit 35 Pieces

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Compact tool set with the most important screwdriving tools for maintenance jobs both indoors as well as outdoors. VDE hand holder including 12 VDE blades; 1 Kraftform series 300 screwdriver for slotted screws; 1 Joker ratcheting combination wrench with holding function, limit stop, small return angle and extremely high-grip toothing; incl. the incredibly fast 1/4" Zyklop Speed ratchet with accessories; 8 Zyklop manual and power tool sockets, 1 universal bit holder; 7 25mm bits; 1 screw gripper to firmly hold screws; textile box that is very robust and durable; can be positioned upright in the workshop shelf for tidy storage; additional surface protection thanks to the textile outer material; low weight and volume for simplified mobility.


Brand Name Wera Tools Sub Brand Kraftform Kompakt
Item Name Electrician Maintenance Driver Kit Type Compact
Number of Pieces 35 Includes VDE Hand Holder Including 12 VDE Blades, (1) Kraft form Series 300 Screwdriver for Slotted Screws, (1) Joker Ratcheting Combination Wrench, (1) 1/4 in Zyklop Speed Ratchet with Accessories, (8) Zyklop Manual and Power Tool Sockets, (1) Universal Bit Holder; (7) 25 mm Bits, (1) Screw Gripper to Firmly Hold Screws, (1) Textile Box, (1) 817 VDE Blade-Holding Handle, (1) VDE 60 i, (3) VDE 60 iS, (1) VDE 67 i TORX, (3) VDE 67 iS TORX, (2) VDE 68 iS, (1) 335 Screwdriver, (1) 1440 Screw Gripper, (1) Joker Ratcheting Combination Wrenches, Imperial, (1) 8000 A Zyklop Speed Ratchet with 1/4 in drive, (1) 8784 A1 Zyklop Bit Adaptor, (1) 8794 SA Zyklop Extension with Free-Turning Sleeve, (8) 8790 HMA Zyklop 1/4 in Socket, (1) 893/4/1 K Universal Bit Holder, (2) 851/1 Z Bits, Z Bits, TORX Bits
Application For Electronics, Mechatronics, Building Technology, Appliances and more UPC 4013288209559


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