Wire and Cable

lumen wire and cables
Huge selection of Wires and Cables
Offering an extensive range of dimensions, styles, and uses

Lumen stands as the comprehensive source for your wire and cable requirements, catering to the needs of the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. We provide bespoke cable cutting services and project management solutions, designed to meet the exact needs of your project. Our cutting stations are consistently stocked with a wide array of products including ACWU, TECK90, RW90, and Cabtire from top-tier manufacturers, ensuring we can immediately cut to your precise needs. Explore our inventory of wire and cable either online or in our stores today, and purchase the perfect amount you need - nothing more, nothing less.

Cut-to-length services
Get exactly what you need, when you need it

Avoid the unnecessary expense of surplus materials or the hassle of measuring and cutting wire yourself. Our extensive local inventory is accessible throughout our branches, offering services that cut to your specified meter length. With no fees for cutting and no minimum length requirements, we ensure swift processing times. Our facilities are equipped for immediate in-person service, or you can arrange for customized cuts through our online store or mobile application. Just choose the product and specify the length you require, even if it involves several different cuts of the same item.