One of the questions often asked is which charging station to choose. Luckily for you, we have done our homework to present you the 5 reasons why FLO is the number one choice for your charging station.

1. A Practical & Pleasant Design

When you have an electric vehicle, charging it becomes a daily task. FLO has prepared a practical design specifically thought out and designed for you with built-in storage. In addition to being practical, the aesthetic and sober design of the station is pleasantly and easily harmonized.

2. High Reliability & Construction Quality

The aluminum casing is NEMA 4X certified, which ensures no water, air or insect infiltration. The manufacturing quality of the FLO charging stations ensures that they will remain the same for at least 10 years. In addition, there are no additional accessories to purchase. Its cable and connector, tested to 10,000 cycles, are of high quality and durable. Even the labels won't fade!

3. A Peaceful Warranty

FLO gives you peace of mind with its charging station certified to operate down to -40 degrees, perfectly suited for Canadian winters. You even have a 3-year warranty on the casing and power cable.

4. Proven & Supported by Well-Known Brands

FLO residential charging stations are the safest for the security of your home and your investment in a new vehicle. That's why Volkswagen Canada and Nissan Canada have chosen to associate their brand with FLO!

5. A Team Offering Excellent Service

There is a whole team of professionals and engineers behind the service offered at FLO, in case you need it.

What's the difference between FLO G5 and FLO X5?

Both models provide the same reliable and safe recharging service (240V, 30A, 7.2kW), but the X5 is network-connected, meaning that its information is constantly relayed over the internet so that you can access it at any time via a secure online portal, no matter where you are. The communication of the X5 is done through the power line (PLC), guaranteeing a reliable and secure connection, which means that you avoid Wi-Fi communication where the quality of the network signal at home is conditional to its use.

The X5 is a product that's future-proof, because it evolves as technology evolves with its automatic software updates. Among other things, it allows you to:

  • Receive impromptu disconnection notifications by email or SMS
  • Interrupt or start a session for a guest remotely
  • Change settings such as hours of operation, output amperage, LED intensity
  • Keep your personal recharging statistics (time, energy) with those of the public charging stations in North America
  • Avoid ironing a second wire from the electrical panel, or avoid changing the panel in the case of a second circuit breaker for a second electric vehicle
  • Save time with remote support

Both models are the best solution if quality and safety is what you're looking for for your home and electric car, in addition to being Quebec products. 

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