Electric cars are growing in popularity and the Quebec government keeps encouraging transportation electrification by introducing several incentives. Running on green power is not only essential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but it is also more economical and simple than many might think.

The Benefits of Electric Vehicles According to The AVEQ

  1. Savings on Energy Cost: Gasoline is 5x more expensive than electricity for a distance of 100km.
  2. Savings on Maintenance Costs: Energy costs can be reduced by more than 75% and the most frequent maintenance expenses (oil and brakes) can be reduced by at least 50%.
  3. Green Plate Benefits: Access to reserved lanes, toll exemptions, free parking
  4. Financial Incentives

The Financial Incentives for the Roulez Vert Program

The Government of Quebec offers several financial incentives with their Roulez vert program. These rebates apply to new and used vehicles and charging stations at home, multi-unit building and at work. For more details, visit the Roulez vert program website

Charging Stations for Electric Cars

Electric cars are recharged, so instead of putting gas in, you have to connect your car to an electric charging station. In Quebec, there are more than 1500 of them in public places. However, the ideal is obviously to have one at home and at work.

In addition, according to the Quebec Construction Code, it is now required to install the infrastructure in anticipation of a charging station for each new dwelling with a garage, carport or parking space.

There are currently many suppliers. According to Protégez-Vous, the FLO G5 electric charging stations are the best. Lumen currently offers these charging stations, so contact us to get yours now!