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Cobra-Lock™ Termination: Fast, Reliable, and Efficient

Cobra-Lock™ Termination offers a seamless solution for terminating jacks and plugs, providing enhanced speed, reliability, and cost reduction. Available in C6 and C6A, both UTP and Shielded variants are offered.

Compared to traditional punch-down jacks, Cobra-Lock™ Termination requires less technical expertise, enabling newly trained installers to quickly get up to speed without the need for special tools. This user-friendly process involves manual termination with reduced force requirements, resulting in a faster and more consistent termination process while minimizing the potential for human error.

With Cobra-Lock™, installers can bid farewell to concerns about misplacing or forgetting essential tools for their terminations. Offering quick and reliable performance, Cobra-Lock™ empowers contractors to undertake and complete a higher volume of projects compared to conventional termination techniques.


Fast: All four pairs are terminated at once by hand

Reliable: Designed to support Cat6A, termination is held in constant compression

Efficient: Complete more jacks per hour

Available on order only.