Recruitment FAQ

What do you with my resume once I apply for a position or create my profile?

Your resume is automatically entered in our list of candidates and if your profile meets our requirements of employment, we will contact you. Only selected candidates will be contacted. We will keep it for 6 months in our database. Afterwards it will be destroyed.

How do I get to the br​anch or the head office?

Under the branch tab you have all map locations and addresses of each branch and head office.

Ho​w do I prepare for my interview?

Arrive early, have a copy of your resume and two references from former employers (name and telephone number), remain calm and especially, be yourself. Our goal is to see whether your application meets the profile we are looking for. The relationship must be win-win!

What ha​ppens after the interview?

If you are not selected, you will receive a letter through the mail or a phone call from the recruiter to inform you that you were not selected. If you are selected, you will be contacted by the human resources department who will in turn advise you of the next step or remaining process of employment involved.


How​ long should it take for me to be hired if I am selected?

The whole selection process takes at least a week before it is completed.


Where can I find financ​ial information on the company?

Lumen is part of the Sonepar world group since 1984. It is a private company, which belongs to the Coisne and Lambert families. Since we belong to this group, we benefit from considerable financial stability. Sonepar has over 30,000 employees and has over 2,000 points of sales worldwide.

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